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Dallas Grab Bar Installation

Are you looking for ways to make a home in the Dallas area safer and more comfortable for a loved one with mobility issues? Or maybe you've been finding it difficult to move from a seated to standing position and vice versa, and are concerned about the possibility of a fall. There's a relatively simple solution that can give you greater independence and privacy in the bathroom while at the same time reducing the chance that you could suffer an injury from a fall: Dallas grab bar installation.

Grab bars are assistive devices that improve bathroom safety (and safety in other parts of the house) by giving those with reduced mobility something to hold on to while they are in the process of sitting or standing up, or during bathing. Having a firm bar available to steady yourself or help support your weight during those transition moments can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding a fall.

If you or a loved one could benefit from added safety features at home such as Dallas grab bar installation, trust the Dallas accessibility renovation experts at Melesh Construction Dallas to get grab bars installed efficiently and correctly. Our experienced team specializes in accessibility modifications that are designed to make aging in place comfortable, safe and enjoyable throughout your golden years.

Benefits of Dallas Grab Bar Installation

As we age, bathrooms can present a number of safety concerns. Combining limited mobility with slippery floors can be a recipe for disaster that leads to bruising, broken bones or even head injuries. This fear can cause aging adults to bathe less frequently, since they worry that bathing is a dangerous activity to conquer alone or they are embarrassed to ask for assistance. Grab bars are a great way to mitigate the risk of accidents by providing strategically placed stability points, allowing aging adults to maintain confidence bathing independently for as long as possible.    

The advantages of professional grab bar installation include:

  • Increased independence

  • Less risk of injury from falls

  • Privacy when using the bathroom

  • Access to better personal hygiene

  • Durable, ADA-compliant grab bars

No one enjoys losing their independence and having to rely on others for even simple tasks like sitting on the toilet and getting back up, especially when it involves a place like the bathroom where privacy is preferable. But the possibility of falling just isn't worth the risk—in the United States, more than a quarter of seniors aged 65 and older report falling each year, and more than a third of those falls result in injuries such as hip fractures. That adds up to an estimated eight million fall injuries annually, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dallas grab bar installation can make it safer and more comfortable to maintain privacy and independence while at the same time reducing the risk of an injurious fall.

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Types of Grab Bars Available in Dallas, TX

There are a variety of styles and textures available, but in general, grab bars are referred to by their direction of installation.

  • Horizontal Grab Bar Installation: Bars that are oriented horizontally to the floor work best for walking areas or for spanning the length of the tub wall.

  • Vertical Grab Bar Installation: A vertically-oriented grab bar that is positioned at a right angle to the floor is useful for areas where you go from standing to sitting or vice versa, such as a toilet or dining area.

  • Diagonal Grab Bar Installation: Grab bars that stretch diagonally across the wall are typically used for walking or areas where you go from standing to sitting. They are particularly ideal for those suffering from arthritis, because it allows for a more comfortable wrist angle when grasping the bar.

If you're not sure which orientation would be best for you and where exactly it should go in your home, no problem—the accessibility professionals at Melesh Construction Dallas will be happy to assess your home and consult with you to find the best opportunities for improved safety and independent living with Dallas grab bar installation services.

Where Grab Bars Can Be Installed in a Dallas Home

Have you ever tried to pull yourself into a standing position by holding on to the towel bar? It just doesn't work—aside from the fact that it's only designed to hold the weight of a wet towel, not an entire human being, it's likely not in an optimal position to provide comfortable, safe support. That's why proper placement of grab bars is so important. These safety devices need to be located and positioned perfectly for the unique needs and preferences of the person who will be using them. In fact, that's one of the biggest advantages of custom grab bar installation in a private residence—our professionals will work with you to make sure they are placed exactly where you need them to go.


Shower Grab Bar Installation

One of the key locations for Dallas grab bar installation is inside a shower, whether it's a shower-tub combination or a shower stall. You may need to transition between sitting and standing positions if you use a shower chair, or may just need some additional support to help keep your grip on those slippery, wet surfaces. In regards to figuring out good places to install a safety grab bar in the shower, the best test is to get in and out of the shower without water running, paying attention to places you reach for support. Those support spots are the ideal location to install a grab bar for stability. 

Bathtub Grab Bar Installation

Tubs can present a big challenge for those with mobility difficulties, especially a standard bath that requires you to be sitting nearly on the floor. While a walk-in tub with a seat is a lot more accommodating, it can still be difficult to lower yourself down to the seat and get back up again when you're done bathing. Diagonal grab bar installation can be helpful for a standard bath tub, but horizontal or vertical orientations may work best for a seated tub, depending on your individual needs and the configuration of the bathroom.

Toilet Grab Bar Installation

Grab bars are also commonly installed next to the toilet to assist in sitting and standing or transferring to a wheelchair. It is ideal in this setting that there is a bar on either side, if possible. If your bathroom design doesn't allow for that, your Dallas grab bar installation may be able to be positioned on the wall opposite the toilet seat. You may also need a rear grab bar above the toilet tank.

Other Grab Bar Installation Locations

Grab bars are key residential bathroom accessories for anyone who is concerned about falling or needs assistive devices to stand and sit, but that doesn't mean the bathroom is the only potential grab bar location in your Dallas, TX home. You may wish to have them installed in the bedroom to make it easier to get in and out of bed, in the dining room to help with sitting down at the table or in the kitchen to provide additional support in spaces where you need to stand more than usual, such as a food prep area.

Anywhere in your house where you find yourself steadying yourself on the wall or struggling to transition between sitting and standing could be a potential location for Dallas grab bar installation. You may also want to consider rails in hallways or other narrow places where you may not always have a cane or walker handy and would like some extra support options.

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Choose Melesh Construction Dallas for Grab Bar Installation Near Me

Selecting and installing grab bars is a particular and strategic process. Partnering with an experienced grab bar installer can help save you time and money, ensuring the job gets done right the first time with proper installation techniques! We specialize in accessibility modifications and have plenty of experience with Dallas grab bar installation. When installing grab bars, our consultants will ensure they are properly placed according to your routine and that they are securely rooted in wall-studs. This will provide maximum support for bearing weight and ensure long-term durability.   

Melesh Construction Dallas also provides a wide variety of other modifications and handyman services to make a building more accessible and safe such as installing ramps and chair lifts for stairs, along with many other types of mobility renovations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas Grab Bar Installation

Do you have questions about grab bar installation in Dallas, TX, or want to know more about the other accessibility renovations offered by the specialists at Melesh Construction Dallas? Just call us up at 972-866-7781. Our friendly customer service staff would be pleased to answer all your questions quickly and easily, or you can also read our responses to a few common questions below.

How Do You Make Dallas Grab Bar Installation ADA Compliant?

When selecting a grab bar, it is important to notice if the bar meets ADA compliance standards. Some of those standards include: 

  • Correct gauge of steel

  • Width of bar

  • Recommended distance from the wall

  • Load rating that indicates it is capable of supporting 500 pounds of weight

When you hire Melesh Construction for Dallas grab bar installation, you can count on us to make sure the installation is fully ADA-compliant, and we will consult with you to find the best purchase option for your needs.

How What Type of Material is Best for Dallas Grab Bar Installation?

When it comes to the material the bars are made out of, stainless steel grab bars are the best choice—especially in bathrooms or other areas that are prone to moisture exposure. Stainless steel is obviously very strong and durable, but it's also resistant to rust and corrosion caused by excess moisture. It's quite easy to clean and disinfect, and will serve you well for many years to come. We also highly recommended choosing a Dallas grab bar installation option with a textured surface, especially for bathing areas and other places where wet hands could slip on a smooth, shiny surface.

Shoud Shower Grab Bar Installation Be Horizontal or Vertical?

That depends on the needs of the individual and the configuration of the shower, but usually the answer is both. For a tub-shower combination, there should be a vertical bar on the wall opposite the faucet, and a horizontal bar running along the side wall for as far as possible, about 30 inches above the floor of the shower. It also makes sense to include another vertical bar near the faucet handles. That will make getting in and out a lot easier and provide support when transitioning to or from shower seats.

How Do You Install Grab Bar on Tiled Walls?

If you need Dallas grab bar installation in a bathroom or another location that has tiled walls, you may be concerned that you'll need bathroom remodeling or at least a new tile installation to get the grab bars put up properly. Fortunately, there's no need to worry—whether your wall is ceramic tile or another type of tile, we can handle grab bar installation without removing any of your existing tiles. It will be necessary for us to drill holes in the tile, but once the bars are installed, the holes will be completely concealed. We'll then use caulk to seal up the gap between the tile and the ends of the bars so no moisture can seep into the wall.

Looking for Professional Grab Bar Installation Near Me? Rely On the Experts at Melesh Construction Dallas

What could be more important than enjoying your own home in safety and comfort? The accessibility renovation experts at Melesh Construction Dallas can help make that happen with services such as Dallas grab bar installation. We are proud to provide the highest standards of service to Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding area in North Texas. Contact us today at 972-866-7781 to schedule a free in-home consultation at a convenient time.

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