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senior man in wheelchair with happy care


Whether you are preparing for the future, or welcoming elderly family members into your home, providing a conducive living environment for your home may require some alterations. We are CAPS and CHAMP certified, and provide services that can help you and your family remain in your home, while maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment for everyone. Through a consultation with one of our experienced team members, we can discuss the aging process, listen to needs, make suggestions and formulate a plan to ensure a functional and comfortable home. 

What does aging-in-place look like?

Renovating to anticipate the aging process can affect many areas of the home, including: kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells and more. These renovations or modifications are implemented to alleviate the potential for slips and falls, while also making day to day activities and responsibilities easy to complete. Feeling comfortable and independent as an aging-adult or caretaker is important in maintaining a good quality of life. Schedule an in-home consultation with one of our experienced team members today, and explore the possibilities!


What are some examples of aging-in-place renovations?

The goal of making a plan to age in place, is to ensure everyday tasks and duties both doable and comfortable, while reducing the risk of accident or injury. Some examples of aging-in-place renovations include:

  • ​General renovations like: adding additional lighting, choosing slip-resistant flooring material, replacing stairs with ramps, and installing stair chairlifts or track lifts

  • Bathroom renovations like: lowering water controls, installing grab bars for stability, installing a taller toilet, changing to a roll-in or curb-less shower

  • Kitchen renovations like: lowering cabinets and counter heights, adjusting sink placement, adding cabinet hardware and picking new appliances

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