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Front Door



For both aging individuals and wheelchair users, making an accessible entry is imperative to remain in the home. Wheelchair accessible entries can be a complete rebuild, or a set of modifications. The ultimate goal being, that someone in a wheelchair can gain access to the home safely and independently.

How can I make my home's entry handicap accessible?

Many alterations can be made to ensure your home's entry is more handicap accessible, starting with the approach to the door.

  • Leveling, smoothing and widening of the sidewalk or driveway

  • Building ramps to the front door to replace current stairs

  • Altering or removing door thresholds to avoid potentially tripping or getting stuck

  • Installing keyless entry technology, lever handles, and electronic door openers


What is involved in building a ramp to my front door?

When discussing making your home's entry more accessible, reducing or eliminating the use of stairs is often something to consider, whether you are anticipating future challenges of aging-in-place or accommodating a family member with a walker or wheelchair. Partnering with a professional is extremely important when building an exterior ramp to your home.

An experienced contractor can handle complying with local building codes, filing and retaining permits, as well as dealing with your HOA if applicable. In addition to ensuring all paperwork is properly handled, designing and planning an exterior ramp can be a challenging process. We will assist with you with choosing the entrance with the most entryway space and least physical obstacles like trees, driveways, and sidewalks.

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